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Two heads are better than one.

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May 6th, 2009

generalsleepy @ 06:10 pm: New Member and Fic
Hi, I'm Hannah! I just watched Excellent Adventure for the first time in a couple years and the first thing that came into my brain was "Slash!"

I have a short fic, if I can figure out how to use an lj-cut correctly. Enjoy!

Title: Ted's Shirt
Rating: PG
Summary: Deacon Logan thinks there's something weird about his brother Ted.
Word Count: 564

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March 14th, 2009

cartoon_antics @ 09:15 pm: Fanart Dump!
Here's some more Bill and Ted sketches for you lot, because you lot asked for them <3

^ Eskimo Kisses! Lawl! I'm a fag, I know. XD

^ "TED! You're ALIVE! <3"
"Jeez, Bill...I wasn't on the can for *that* long...!"

More soon to come!

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February 23rd, 2009

cartoon_antics @ 06:20 am: Lol! We're Not Alone!
Before I trot off to school, look at what I found!


Seriously, it's like...since I joined this club, Bill and Ted slash has been following me! Lol! Well, at least other people are in my fandoms, for once. XD

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February 17th, 2009

cartoon_antics @ 01:18 am: According to Pansy Division and iTunes, it's Official!
Back so soon? Why yes I am! :D

Just found this, squee'd my throat raw, then rushed over here to spread the word; there's a song called "Bill and Ted's Homosexual Adventure" on itunes. I shit thee not!

The song's by Pansy Division (a gay punk rock band of the 90's) and the title speaks for itself.

The lyrics are fucking adorable here:


I'm totally going to write a fanfic based off of this song after I finish listening to it a thousand times! <3


Just got a message from pansy2009  (Jon of Pansy Division) regarding this post!

Read it here:

Not only is there a song called Bill & Ted's Homosexual Adventure, there's a video too!
Go to www.pansydivision.com/Pansy_Division/Videos.html . it's rather naughty... and not airable on any network!

BTW, Pansy Division are still together and have a new album out at the end of March, titled That's So Gay.I hve my book about PD out in a couple of weeks, where I describe the making of the video, among other things.
(of Pansy Division!)

Head Jon's warning about the music vid...because there is porn. Cosplay Bill and Ted porn, but still... Porn. So needless to say, NSFW.

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February 16th, 2009

cartoon_antics @ 12:25 am: New Member Bearing Fanart
How's it goin' dudes? I'm Sara. :)

I'm also a huge Bill and Ted fan. Not a big enough fan to sit through sequels and Saturday Morning cartoons, but still. Every time Bill and Ted is on the air (which is a lot), I have to watch it.

Bromantic Comedies are my favorite movie genre, and Bill and Ted fit the freakin' bill!

I'm more of an artist than a writer, but I dabble in fanfiction. While I don't have a fanfic for your reading pleasure at the mo, I do have a bit o' fan art. Take a gander, if you please:

I guess Bill and Ted are in the classic "caught in the act" pose. Caught by who, is up to your imagination (Rufus, Ted's Dad, Missy, Socrates, whatever :) )
And I also got a bunch of floating Bill heads because Alex Winter is a little bitch to draw and I needed practice! XD

Hopefully, there will be more Bill/Ted art from me in the future! And maybe a fanfic or two.

Let me know what you think! ^^

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January 12th, 2009

scardecathect @ 04:20 am: Lovers Tiff
Title Lovers Tiff
AuthorScarlett scardecathect
Rating G (fluff!)
Pairing Kid!Bill/Ted (a little)
Warning slightly slashy
Summary Bill and Ted have their first real fight...okay, well, not real fight.
Disclaimer I don't own the boys, nor did this happen at all.
Author's Note For a friends birthday present (because I didn't finish the actual story I was going to give her XD)

Also, a link to a quick drawing of Cartoon Bill and Ted. it's not that great...thought i would share.

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January 1st, 2009

blienky27 @ 01:18 pm: Bill/Ted Yuletide Fic
Title: Rufus's Enlightening Time-Traveling Road Trip
Fandom: Excellent Adventure only
Pairing/s: Bill/Ted
Summary: The future may have many excellent waterslides, and be free of pollution and traffic jams, but its saviors aren't happy. So Rufus does what he does best and takes a trip in the phone booth to find out why.
Warning/s: none
Wordcount: 2,687

Rufus's Enlightening Time-Traveling Road Trip - written for hyperfocused for Yuletide 2008.

December 15th, 2008

scardecathect @ 11:33 pm: Military School.
Title: Military School.
Pairing: Bill and Ted
Author: Scarlett scardecathect
Rating M
Summary: Ted's not handling Military School as well as Bill thought.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. This story is fiction
Warning: Slash!
Author's Note: Another Story i wrote for my friend. Their vocabulary is different in this story than to the movies. Sorry!

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scardecathect @ 11:16 pm: Untitled
Title: Untitled
Pairing: Bill and Ted
Author: Scarlett scardecathect
Summary: It's the school holidays, and Bill misses Ted.
Warning: Slash.
Disclaimer:I don't own the boys. This never happened.
Author's Note: I came across this place and thought I would share this story that i wrote for my friend!

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January 1st, 2008

the_summoning_d @ 11:46 pm: 'Revision' (PG)
Hey. I'm TheSummoningDark. And I come bearing fic.

Title: Revision
Fandom: Set Pre-Excellent Adventure (Or should I say, 'pre inconvenient canon het love interests')
Pairing: What else? Bill and Ted
Summary: During a particularly boring chemistry lesson, Ted catches himself watching his best friend.
Warning/s: Would it be too obvious if I said 'slash'? Also rather self-defeating, given the purpose of the comm...
Wordcount: 301

A most excellent way in which to spend a most heinously boring class...Collapse )

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